Don’t underestimate the importance of a flashlight during a disaster event.

A flashlight can be a life-saving tool. But, it needs these 6-Critical Factors to offer the best chance of survival: During and After the disaster event.

Let’s face it; a disaster event is going to expose you and your family to some of the most difficult conditions and environments that you may ever encounter.  

You are going to be asked – and forced – to do things, during and after a disaster, that you normally wouldn’t be doing. 

  • You may be trying to get home after work.
  • You may be looking for loved ones who haven’t made it home yet.
  • You may be trying to investigate the strange noises in the middle of the night.
  • You may be trying to navigate some of the dirtiest and most dangerous environments you have ever seen.
  • You may just be trying to survive the night.

When you do find yourself (or one of your loved ones) in one of these situations – You WANT – NO – You NEED a flashlight that is going to be durable enough and has the features that will allow you to do what needs to be done. 

Did you know that 50% of the victims in a disaster event are rescued by “Spontaneous Civilians Nearby”.   [That’s government talk for – HALF – of the victims rescued are rescued by: Family, Friends and Neighbors.]  Only half are rescued by professional 1st Responders. 

FEMA [PER-334], “Search and Rescue in Community Disasters.”  June 2015.

When a disaster strikes – you are talking about life threatening events.  Do you want to be relying on that cheap plastic flashlight from a discount box store?  I wouldn’t.

Disasters are not pretty.  They are nasty.  You must select your tools that you are going to be relying on very carefully.

Joplin, MO.  May 22, 2011.

EF 5 Tornado Damage

Before and After Pictures

If you were in Joplin on that day – this is what you would be facing.

Are you prepared to help your family, friends and neighbors when they will need it the most?

Will the tools that you are selecting for your disaster Kit (specifically, a foundational tool like a flashlight) be able to hold up in this type of environment?

Don’t Guess!

You NEED to be SURE!

During a Disaster Event.

A Flashlight that doesn’t Work – is NOT a Flashlight.

It’s something else – not sure what, maybe a Rock or Hammer – but it is not a Flashlight.

There are a few critical tools that MUST be in everyone’s disaster kit.

  A flashlight is one of those critical MUST HAVE Tools.

Being caught without a flashlight, [or even worse – having false hope in a flashlight that won’t hold up or doesn’t work when you need it to work], can turn a dangerous situation into a deadly situation.

There really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t have a [working] flashlight in your disaster kit.  That could end up being a critical and dangerous mistake on your part.

It is best to have multiple flashlights: 

  • Have flashlights located throughout your home
  • Where you work
  • In your car
  • Anywhere you really spend any of your time
  • Actually, everybody in your family should have multiple flashlights that they can get to whenever needed.

We in the USA, are accustomed (and expect) that our lights to go on anytime we flick a light switch.

However, we are facing a power grid infrastructure that received a grade of “D by the “American Society of Civil Engineers”. SOURCE: CNBC, March 9, 2107, “Engineers give America’s infrastructure a near failing grade”.

A recent article (October 18, 2019) by NPR: “California Can Expect Blackouts For a Decade, Says PG&E CEO”. This article drives home the problems associated with our power grid. The CEO of PG&E [Pacific Gas & Electric] told California energy regulators that the state will likely see blackouts for another 10-years.

It’s really just a matter of time before all these problems start surfacing within our power grid system and we personally start feeling the impacts of not having the luxury of electrical power anytime we want it.

This will be especially painful during the (dark) night hours.

We shouldn’t be surprised when it happens.

Because we have been warned that it would happen.

But – We should be prepared when it does happen.

6 Critical Features to Look for in a Disaster Survival Flashlight.


Must be Durable, Water Resistant, Comfortable Size, Fits securely and comfortable in your hand.  The Housing basically protects all of the other components.  If your housing fails – then your flashlight will fail.  The housing needs to stand up to the hazard prone environments present during and after disaster events.

Drop Resistant

Drop Resistance must apply to all of the flashlight’s components: LED, Battery and the Circuitry.  Not just the Housing.  There is a very good chance that during a disaster event, that you will accidently drop your flashlight – a few times.  It is almost inevitable.  When it does happen – your flashlight must continue to work.  


The circuitry optimizes the Lighting System with the Battery and protects the flashlight from over and under charging mishaps. Circuitry is also responsible for generating the various light modes: Low, Medium, High, etc.  Higher end flashlights will have circuitry that will alert you when the battery levels have drained to certain pre-determined levels. 


Look for a Lithium-Ion Battery.  Lithium-Ion batteries are more powerful, last longer, have broader operating temperature ranges and are actually cheaper over the long haul.  Use only Circuit Protected Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries.  These batteries have built-in circuits that protect them from over and under charging.

Lighting System

You need to take into consideration the amount of light the flashlight produces.  You don’t want the brightest flashlight – because they suck up the battery life really quick.  The LED and the Battery must work together, to produce the most effieicnt levels of light and to maximize the battery life.  This is all controlled by the circuitry.

Protect Night Vision

Being that you will be using your flashlight in dark environments, you want to make sure that you can maintain your night vision after using the flashlight.  Having night vision gives you a survival edge.  You will be able to react to things faster than those who don’t have it.  Look for flashlights that have options to produce RED or GREEN lights.

Interesting Side Note about the Pirate’s Eye Patch. 

Do you know the real purpose of the Pirate’s Eye Patch?

Until recently, I thought the pirate’s eye patch was to cover a lost or missing eye.  Now, there may have been some pirates who did wear an eye patch to cover a missing eye – but the majority of pirates wore an eye patch to, (get this): “To Protect their Night Vision”.

Pirates would be sailing around on a bright sunny day and they come across a ship that they want to attack.  [Remember: Sunglasses were not invented yet.]  They pull up alongside and board the ship to attack.

The Captain of the attacked ship is looking for any tactical advantage that he can give his crew to repel the pirates.  One tactic was to position a good portion of his fighting men below deck where the lighting was very limited.  This crew would be in the low light setting prior to the attack, making their eyes more accustomed to the [LOW] light levels in their environment.  Read:  They maintained their Night Vision.

As the pirates advanced their attack below deck, their eyesight was compromised by coming from the bright sunlight above deck into the low light area below deck.  They could not see as well as their adversaries.  The pirates were at a disadvantage.


The pirates quickly realized that they were being slaughtered in their below deck fights.  Pirate captains had to come up with a solution that would allow their men to be able to fight in both; the bright sunlight above deck and the dark lighting below deck.

Solution:  The Pirate’s Eye Patch was born.  The pirates would put their eye patch on about an hour before they planned on attacking the ship. They would attack in the normal pirate ways above deck.  But as they moved below deck; they simply would lift up their eye patch and would be able to continue the fight because they had one eye that they were able to maintain their night vision.

Now I know what you are saying:  I’m not a pirate and I don’t plan on fighting anybody on a ship.  Or really anywhere else for that matter.

Being able to maintain your night vision can help you navigate your surroundings and avoid hazards that can injure you.

  • Roll an ankle by stepping into a hole or on a curb you didn’t see.
  • Seeing that log, rock or debris instead of tripping over it – causing an injury.
  • Cutting your hand on that sharp piece of metal that you didn’t see.  That’s just a recipe for an infection and much bigger problems down the road.
  • Hitting your head on a low hanging tree banch and splitting your forhead open.

Any one of these night hazards can cause you to be injured.  When you become injured, instead of being able to help your family – you now will need help from your family.  You just went from an asset to a liability – instantly.

Having night vision gives you a survival edge. You will be able to react to things faster than those who don’t have it. Navigation, reading, searching, escaping, hunting, etc. all will benefit from having night vision.

The importance of you being able to maintain your night vision should not be underestimated; especially in survival environments.

In order for you to preserve your night vision when using a flashlight – the flashlight will need to be able to produce either RED or GREEN colored light. Not many flashlights take this feature into account.  Make sure the disaster survival flashlight that you select – does take it into consideration.


So, what do we know at this point?

What does this all mean to me?

  • Well – I know I need a flashlight. Not just any flashlight.  A high-quality flashlight.
  • I know I need specifically a Disaster Survival Flashlight that will give myself and family the best chance to survive; during and after a disaster event.
  • I know a flashlight is one of the most important tools in a disaster kit. I need to treat this decision seriously.
  • But which is really the best flashlight for me?
  • And why is it the best flashlight for me?

So, with all that said – where can you find a flashlight that has all of these critical features to be classified a Disaster Survival Flashlight? A flashlight that will give you and your family the best chance to survive and recover from a disaster event.

Well: “Great Minds Think Alike!” We have been asking ourselves the same question for the past few years.

After buying, testing and reviewing many, many different flashlights – we finally came across the winner. This flashlight has all of the features listed above – plus offers so much more – and is still affordable.

The Wait is Over! Here is the Perfect Flashlight for Disaster Survival Events and All-Around General-Purpose Flashlight. 

The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight.

This isn’t your grandfather’s flashlight. 

Take advantage of the new technology that has been developed in flashlights that make them; brighter, smaller and last longer than flashlights from the past.

The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight

NOTE:  The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight comes in 2 versions:

  • The B70 Model:  Black and Orange colors.
  • The B70+ Model:  Has the Camaflaged design.

The B70+ makes a great gift for those who you really want to impress.

Both flashlight models are the same size and weight. The B70+ model has the high definition camouflaged printing on the housing and head assembly, and a little brighter LED light. Other than that – both models are essentially the same.

Let’s see how the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight stacks up to the [6-Critical Features] you should be looking for in your Disaster Survival Flashlight. 

We’ll Start with the Housing on the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight.

The Housing on the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight is made from a very durable aircraft grade aluminum. As soon as you pick the flashlight up, you will see and feel the toughness that has been built into this flashlight. While at the same time you will notice that it is not uncomfortable or cumbersome in size while you are holding it in your hand.

Size: 6.3” Long with a 1” diameter housing.
Weight: 7.0 ounces. Includes the battery.

Fits perfectly into your hand.

Not too big where it becomes a hassle to carry around.
Not too small where it can create problems handling the flashlight.
Goldilock’s Size: Just Right!

Slip Resistant Knurling

The manufacturer took an extra step and Machined Slip Resistant Knurling into the body and head area of the flashlight. This knurling offers a superior slip resistant grip – no matter how wet it gets.  Being that it is machined right into the aluminum housing – it will never wear off.  No need to worry about this flashlight slipping out of your hand.

Water Resistant Rating: IP65

The Disaster Survival Flashlight has been certified to be Water Resistant to IP65. This allows you to use this flashlight in the heaviest rains, snow or dirty environments, and be assured it will continue to work. Note: But do not submerge under water.

A Magnetic Base

A special feature that was added, [which offered much surprise in how it really extended the usability] of the Disaster Survival Flashlight is: A Magnetic Base.  

A magnetic base has been designed into these flashlights so that you can place the flashlight securely on any type of magnetic surface.  This allows you to place a beam of light in almost any direction or orientation [even if the flashlight is upside down]!

90-Degree Twisting Head Assembly

One unique feature that [you may have already noticed is] the Twisting Head Assembly available on these flashlights.

The Twisting Head Assembly rotates the head assembly 90 degrees:

• This allows you to configure the flashlight into many different shapes so that that you can place the light exactly where you need it.

• You can even use the included clip to hang the flashlight on a pocket, belt or other piece of clothing – then rotate the flashlight’s head forward and light your way as you walk – “Hands Free”.

• Also, in the 90 Degree configuration, the flashlight won’t roll off inclined areas – unlike round flashlights do. Place this flashlight down and you know it will stay in place.

The Twisting Head Assembly really showed its worth when used in tight confined quarters. This will be priceless if you need to look for family members who may be trapped in building rubble [i.e. after a Tornado, Earthquake, etc.].

YESThe B70 Disaster Flashlight’s Housing meets the requirments for a disaster survival flashlight.   You can be assured that this flashlight can stand up to the hazard prone environment present during and after disaster events.

Up Next:  The Drop Resistance Rating for the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight.

If for some reason the flashlight is accidentally dropped – you need to be assured that it will survive the impact and continue to work.  Not just the housing – but all of the components of the flashlight need to continue to work: The Housing, LED, Battery and Circuitry.

You want to be focusing on your survival – not being concerned if your flashlight will continue to work if it gets accidentally dropped or banged around.

YEP – You can check this requirement OFF the Survival Flashlight Checklist.  The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight has a Drop Resistance Rating of 1-meter.  So, when you do accidentally drop the flashlight or bang it up against something – you know it will continue to work.

The B70 Disaster Survival  Flashlight: Circuitry.

This is the area that the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight really impressed.  The circuitry used this flashlight drastically increased the usability of the flashlight.  Think of the circuitry as the “Brains of the Flashlight”.

First the circuitry used in this flashlight passed the [Drop Resistant Rating Requirement].  That is a feat by itself.

Circuitry that is manufactured to withstand this type of rigid testing is associated with higher costs and higher end flashlights.  Cheaper flashlights don’t invest in this type of rugged circuitry.  They don’t need to.  Simply, because they really are not “Survival Flashlights”.  They’re just – well, flashlights.

The Power Button is where the circuitry starts.  The power button for the Disaster Flashlight is also a referred to as a “Smart Switch” and is a vital component of the flashlight’s circuitry system.

The Smart Switch is there for 4-Key Reasons.

1. Turn the flashlight On and Off.

2. Select the lighting mode you want. The Disaster Flashlight has 9 Lighting Mode Options.

3. Battery Life Indicator:  How much Lighting Time You have left.

The Smart Switch Power Button can produce 3-colors of light: Green, Orange and Red.


When the flashlight is ON, the Smart Switch will glow one of these colors to alert you to the approximate amount of battery life that is remaining:

  • Green: Greater than 40%
  • Orange: Between 20% and 40%
  • Red: Less than 20%

This maximizes the usability of the flashlight.  If the power switch turns to Orange or Red while you are using it – simply turn it down to the next lower level and it will extend your battery life and the operating time of the flashlight.  This is very important so that you don’t run out of light when you are needing it the most.

4. This flashlight also has a built-in battery charger.    The Smart Switch acts as a visual indicator of how far the battery has chargedDon’t Guess – Know!

Circuitry requirement for the Disaster Survival Flashlight: a BIG YES.

The Battery for the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight.

The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight ships with a Rechargeable 2600mHa 18650 Lithium Ion Battery.  You will be able to use the flashlight “Right Out of the Box”.  This battery was specifically matched with the LED and circuitry to maximize the work time and to complement the many features of this flashlight.

This battery has built-in circuitry which is specifically used to protect both the battery and the flashlight from over-charging and under-charging during the re-charging operations and normal use.

NOTE:  Only buy and use circuit protected Lithium Ion Re-Chargeable Batteries!  They cost a little more than the un-protected batteries, but the protection they offer is well worth the premium in their price.

Now, I know what you are thinking: “Why would I want a rechargeable battery when I don’t have a battery charger? 


Well – because this flashlight also acts as the battery charger.

  • No need to invest $ into a battery charger.
  • No fumbling around looking for a charger when you need one.
  • Everything is self-contained in this flashlight.

The 18650 Re-Chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (which is included with the flashlight) is a real power horse.  It becomes even more powerful when it is matched with the CREE XPL HI V2 LED and the Built-In Flashlight circuitry.

Check out these expected battery life estimates listed by the manufacturer for the Disaster Flashlight.

Estimates are based upon using the 18650 Re-Chargeable Battery 2600mAh – included with the flashlight.

The estimated battery lives listed in the above chart are very impressive.  These extraordinary run time hours (up to 100 hours on Low) are only obtainable by having the LED, the Battery and the Circuitry all synchronized and working together.

Long run times are a very important characteristic for a Survival Flashlight.  You can expect to be relying on your survival flashlight for long extended periods of time during and after a disaster event.  Resources will become scarce.  Batteries will sell out quickly.  Having a flashlight that can produce light for a long period of time will be a major asset during a disaster event. 

So, YESWe can check off another requirement for the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight.  A powerful and long lasting Re-Chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery.

The Lighting System for the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight.

The Survival Flashlight uses the CREE XPL HI V2 LED.  This is one of the most powerful and rugged LEDs’ produced by CREE.  CREE is a multi-billion-dollar company and is one of the largest manufacturers of LEDs in the world.  A very popular, strong and respected brand in the LED and electronics industry.

The life expectancy rating of this LED is 50,000 hours.   Read:  If you wanted to: You could keep this LED “ON” consistently for:

  • 50,000 Hours
  • 2,083 Days
  • Over 68-months
  • For Longer than 5.7 Years
  • Let’s just say – “A Real Long Time!”

Another unique feature found in this flashlight’s Lighting System, [which is one of the features that placed this particular flashlight ahead of all the other contenders], is that it is capable of producing 3-colors of light: White, Red and Green.  

This feature will be discussed in more detail during the next section: Maintain Your Night Vision.

The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight is not only durable and long lasting – it produces a very intense beam of light with an impressive beam distance.

So, we can check – YES.  The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight passes the Lighting System requirement for being a “real” Survival Flashlight.

How well does the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight Help You Maintain Your Night Vision.

As mentioned in the previous section: The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight has yet another unique and very useful feature built-in.  This flashlight is capable of producing 3-colors of light: White, Red and Green.

  • The White light is your general task light and search light. This is the color that almost all flashlights use.
  • The Red and Green lights are excellent options to have, especially at night and during the pre-day and pre-dusk times. Both colors help you maintain your night vision.

The Red Light is perfect for reading maps, up close handheld tasks and helps when used during administering First Aid.

NOTE: Blood doesn’t show up as much when using red light versus when using white light.   Reason:  Blood absorbs the red color making it less visible, while white light reflects the red color which makes it more pronounced.  This may make it easier for both the patient and the rescuer, when administering first aid at night or in low light settings.

The Green Light has been found to make it easier to navigate your surroundings while maintaining your night vision. Also, the Green light makes it harder for you to be seen by animals as you do move around.  This can give you’re an advantage when your hunting or during search and rescue missions for family pets.

The Red and Green lights are built into the flashlight and do not require you to snap on any filters in order to get the color of the light you need.

  • Simply hold down the Power button for 1.2-seconds and you will gain immediate access to the colored light system.
  • No reason to scramble around looking for the different filters in the middle of the night or worse: losing them.
  • Everything that you need is integrated within the flashlight.

YES – We can check off the ability for the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight to help maintain your Night Vision.

After our analysis, we can confidently say that the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight contains all 6-Requirements [plus much more] and that we can definitely classify the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight:  As a Survival Flashlight and one that can also be classified a Great Flashlight.

But what do other people have to say about it?

The manufacturer’s customer review rating on the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight came in at 5-Stars out of 269 Reviews.

Star Rating is as high of a review rank as you can get. 

But NOT So Fast!  We want to be as transparent as possible.  As Great of a flashlight as the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight is…we did notice some small downsides associated with the flashlight.

Even with the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight receiving a YES vote for the 6-Requirements for a Survival Flashlight and even if it received a 5-Star rating… We did notice some shortcomings associated with this flashlight.

Minor Shortcomings (5)– but still some shortcomings.

1. The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight uses an 18650 Re-Chargeable Lithium Ion Battery.  This is a very powerful and durable battery.  However, we would have liked to see the flashlight be able to operate from several different battery types. Examples:  Being able to operate off of everyday Alkaline AA or AAA Batteries as well as the 18650.  It is always good to have options available to you – especially during a disaster event.  It’s a minor issue – but we still wanted to bring it up.

2. It is only Water Resistant to IP64.  This rating is a high rating and is indicative of a good protective rating for a device to have – especially a device that includes circuitry.  You will be able to use the flashlight in heavy rain, snow or dirty environments.  But we would have still liked to see the flashlight have a full blown out: Water-Proof Rating.  Is this a deal breaker – NO.    But it would have been nice.

3. Small Power Button: Also known as the Smart Switch.  This switch could be a little bigger in order to make it easier to manipulate; especially when you have gloves on.  Can you still work the flashlight with gloves on?  YES – but it would have been much nicer if they would have made it a little bigger.  This is a minor issue – it doesn’t impact the operations of the flashlight – it’s more a usability and convenience issue.  Not a deal breaker – just saying.

4. Dim Red and Green Lights:  Some people mentioned that they thought the RED and GREEN lights were not bright enough to see any real distance.  The majority didn’t have an issue with this because the Red and Green lights were put in to help you maintain your night vision.  Having bright LEDs actually hinders your night vision.  Plus, the vast majority of the time, you will be using these lights for closeup work, like: Reading a Map, Administering First Aid, and other closeup tasks. 

5. Fixed Lens instead of a Focusing Zoom Lens:  A few brought this up when we were reviewing the flashlight. The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight has a very bright LED but only a fixed focus offering a wide Flood Light type of light pattern.  Some people had issues with this – the majority didn’t.

The Majority Felt: The LED was so bright that it overcompensated for the lack of the focusing lens.  That’s OK, because in reality, the wide beam is safer to walk around with because you want to be alert to dangers that are not always directly in front of you, [Read: Your Flanks].  Also, the focused light – has a tendency to focus your attention in narrow areas – which creates problems monitoring your general surroundings].

Again, a minor issue and not a deal breaker.  

After reviewing these minor shortcomings… YES, they are [minor] issues – but NOT really any Deal Breakers.

So, Let’s review what we have learned so far:

  • We now know that you need a flashlight. Not a GOOD Flashlight – BUT a GEAT Disaster Survival Flashlight.
  • We now know the critical components that make up a Disaster Survival Flashlight.
  • We now know what you should be looking for in a GREAT Survival Disaster Flashlight.
  • We even know which flashlight is the best one for you! [Hint: It’s the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight].
  • Most of us already have a flashlight or two – but – do you have the Best Flashlight for a Disaster – the “B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight”?

We’re even going to help you out by offering a Special Introductory Pricing on the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight.

The B70 ModelBlack and Orange

The B70 Survival Disaster Flashlight normally sells for $64.99.

  • With our Special Introductory Program: We have dropped that price down to $49.99. That’s a savings of $12.00. 20% OFF!
  • AND: That includes FREE Shipping! Anywhere in the Continental USA.

Special Introductory Price: $49.95

FREE Shipping.  Continental USA.


B70+ Model:  Camouflaged Pattern.

The B70+ Disaster Survival Flashlight (with the HD Camouflaged Print Pattern) normally sells for $89.99.

  • But with our Special Introductory Promotion: We dropped the price down to $72.95.
  • That’s a Savings of $17.00. 20% OFF!
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Special Introductory Price: $72.95

FREE Shipping.  Continental USA.


Please Note:  The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight is a very hot seller.  Which is a good thing.  The bad thing is that this popular flashlight can sell out at any time.  

After our promotional inventory is sold out – we will be raising the price on the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight.

Lock in your price, and your inventory, by ordering NOW!  

Important Note:  Every adult in your family and/or disaster group should have a High-Quality Primary Flashlight that they can count on – and that the group can count on!

There is a good chance that the adults will need to be separated from time-to-time during the disaster event –  even as much as you DON’T want to separate – there will be situations that will require you to address things that you would be better off;  NOT exposing the entire family group to the potential dangers.  

  • Check the perimeter or exterior of the house for damage.
  • Look for a missing family member.
  • Go out to secure food, water and other supplies and bring them back to the house.
  • Take an injured family member to get medical treatment.
  • Plus, many other reasons.

You don’t even know if you will be with your family group when the disaster event happens.  You may be at work, traveling, or someplace else – other than with your family.  But what you do know is: You want to give them the best chance of survival – until you do get back.  Your family must be protected no matter what happens – and that includes when you’re not with them.

You need to make sure that the people you leave behind are as well equipped, trained and as supplied as you are. You really don’t know when you will be back.

 You want to make sure that all key personnel in your group have a High Quality flashlight that they can count on.  This rule applies to all critical tools, supplies and skills.

It is also a good idea that you have the SAME High-Quality Flashlight within the group.  This will serve 2 important purposes:

1. Everybody in the group will know how to work the flashlight.  Any family member should be able to pick up the flashlight and immediately start using it.  Now this may seem like an overly simplified statement – but if you think about it – modern flashlights have a lot more going on than just an ON/OFF Switch.  Examples:

How and why to choose a specific lighting mode:  High, Medium, or Low.

Do you want the brightest light you can get, or do you want to preserve battery life to make the flashlight last as long as possible.

How to turn on the RED or GREEN lights in order to protect their night vision.

How to turn on the strobe features to attract attention – or even for defense purposes.

2. If one flashlight happens to break – it then can be (cannibalized) used as back-up replacement parts for the other flashlights inside the groupAlso, Batteries can be swapped out and shared amongst the group when they become low or when they need to be re-charged.

There is a Disaster Survival Adage that has been around for a long time:

1=0 and 2=1. 

This quote refers to the tools in your disaster kit.  The adage implies that there are some tools that are so important – that you need to have back-ups for them.  Especially for the foundational and critically important tools like flashlights. 

If something happens to your primary flashlight [lose it, damage it, doesn’t go on, etc.], then you have gone from having [1] flashlight – down to having [0] flashlight.  Now that’s a critical and unacceptable position to allow yourself to be in.  Don’t be put into that position!

To drive this point home and to make it easier for you to build your disaster kit with the appropriate back-upsWe have put a special price together for those who want to make sure to have back-ups. 

Also remember, the B70 Disaster Flashlights make perfect gifts.  Give a gift that somebody will really appreciate – and that can keep them safe at the same time.

You have nothing to lose. 

We offer a 30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – No questions Asked – Return Policy

This guarantees that you will like it – or simply return it.

 You’re already here – let’s take care of this critical safety need for you and your family now. “

Check it off your list so that you can move on to the next area project. 

Let’s just take care of all of this now – free up your plate.”

This is a very good flashlight [No – A GREAT Flashlight] that has all the features you are looking for in a disaster and survival type of flashlight – and you get it all without breaking the bank.  PLUS- It makes an excellent everyday use flashlight.

Don’t overpay for features that you don’t need.  Do pay for a flashlight that you can rely on.  One that you have confidence in.  One that will work when you need it to work and to be able to stand up to the environment that you will be using it. 

The B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight is an Awesome Flashlight that is being offered at an incredible price during our Special Introductory Promotions program.   With everything that this flashlight will do for you – this is a fantastic price and great value.

We’re NOT selling flashlights – We’re selling a way; “To protect and keep your family safe during those times that they will need it the most.”

Are you concerned about what could happen to you and your family if a disaster event would happen tomorrow?  Then you need to act today!  Do it NOW!

After our promotional inventory is sold out – we will be raising the price on the B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight.

Lock in your price, and your inventory, by ordering NOW! 

Order your B70 Disaster Survival Flashlight at our Special Introductory Price before the price increase.

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Help Your Friends Prepare - It\'s Important!