Is this the Biggest Disaster that Americans Will Face?

Disasters can take many forms; Hurricane, Wildfire, Flood, Tornado, Terrorist Attack, or one of the other mainstream disasters that are constantly in the news.

This deviant amongst disasters is very selective at when and who it will strike.  You may be the only one impacted on your block – while all your neighbors are spared. But when it does strike – it can destroy a whole family.

So, what is the biggest disaster that Americans will face?  Answer: Surviving the medical expenses of a medical emergency.

The accompanying article by Ready Nutrition goes into the potential financial disaster that Americans face when presented with the medical bills associated with medical treatments from an accident or those due to an illness

The article states that “… about 530,000 families each year are financially ruined by medical bills and sickness…”

All this because they simply wanted to protect one of their family members.

Oh – By the Way – if you are a middle-class American, who currently has a very good medical insurance package and thinks that this disaster type won’t impact you – think again.

Quote from this article: “unless you’re Bill Gates, you’re just one illness away from bankruptcy.” He added, “for middle-class Americans, health insurance offers little protection. Most of us have policies with so many loopholes, copayments, and deductibles that illness can put you in the poorhouse. Even the best job-based health insurance often vanishes when prolonged illness causes job loss – just when families need it most. Private health insurance is a defective product, akin to an umbrella that melts in the rain,”

Check out Ready Nutrition’s article that goes into more detail about this problem and some proactive measures you can take to protect yourself from this type of disaster.



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