This module will discuss Man-Made Disasters


  • What are Man-Made Disasters.
  • How we are going to determine your risk level that you will be impacted by a Man-Made Disaster.

Man-Made Disasters are disasters that have a human linkage associated with them through: intent, negligence, error, or by the failure of a man-made system or product. 

Please Note:  Similar to the position that we took with “Natural Disasters”; with so many different types of Man-Made Disasters, and being that we have made a commitment to respect your time and not to overwhelm you, we will only be discussing the most common Man-Made Disasters.  Please let us know if you would like us to add any Man-Made Disasters that are not on this list.  Simply list which ones you would like to see added in the comment box at the end of this module.

Here is the list of Man-Made Disasters that we will be covering in this website.    

  • Dams
  • Hazardous Materials
  •  Nuclear / Radiation Threats
  • Terrorism
  • Social Chaos

As with our previous modules, we will have a discussion on:


  • The disaster type.
  • Offer suggestions of what you can do to protect yourself and your family when you find yourself in a Man-Made Disaster situation.
  • Offer a method to determine a risk level that you or a family member will be impacted by one of these disasters.


We will continue to use our Risk Level Assessment Form that we used in our previous module. If you need another copy, click on this button.

Click Here for the Risk Assessment Form


Side Note: After going through the program, I found that preparing for a Man-Made Disaster is more challenging than it was for a Natural Disaster. Reason: many more variables that need to be taken into consideration. Also, we are now including a very unpredictable and dangerous element into the equation: Humans.


As with our previous lessons; we will use FREE sites that have done the research and data gathering for us or use some commons sense approaches  to determine our Risk Level.

Remember, feel free to do this research on any other locations where you may have family or friends located.  If they are not getting ready – maybe you can convince them that they should.

These modules will progress at a little faster pace because by now you should be getting a grasp of how this system works and how easy it can be.

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  • Problems you may be having with your Disaster Planning project.
  • Ideas or Topics that you would like us to explore that will bring added value to the Disaster Planning Process.
  • Or any other comments or input that you are willing to offer about this page.

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