The Risk Assessment Form

The Risk Assessment Form will help you keep track of your findings as you learn about and determine your risk levels for the various disasters.  Look at it as a “Disaster Risk Snapshot” of the location you are researching.

This is a simple (1-page) form that is easy to use.  Like we stated earlier – we are not going to over complicate your disaster preparing plan.  Our goal is to make this as quick and easy as we can.


The form is broken up into 3 parts: 

  • Part#1: Fill in the address of the location you are researching.
  • Part #2: List the family members, their ages, and their overall health conditions.  This step will make it easier to make your calculations when you determine what types of supplies and how much of the supplies you will need.
  • Part #3: As you learn about the various disasters, you will be presented with information that will help you determine your risk level (a scale between 1-Very Low to 5-Very High) of that disaster impacting the location you are researching.  Once you have determined the risk level – just put a check in the appropriate box.


After you have finished going through the program and filling out the Risk Assessment Form, you will have;

  • A complete picture of exactly which types of disasters you should be preparing for.
  • You will know what types of dangers are associated with those types of disasters.
  • You will know what steps you need to take to protect yourself from those dangers.


Remember; feel free to do a Risk Assessment for:

  • Family members who don’t think they need to prepare. Your finding may open their eyes to the potential dangers that they face and you just might help another person to take the necessary steps to protect themselves.  Read, “One less person, or family, knocking on your door looking for your supplies when a disaster event does happen.”
  • Moving into a new location? Do a risk assessment and make sure you know what you will be facing when you get there.  Then prepare for it.
  • Do you have a child going away to college? Do a risk assessment of their new location and then give them a disaster preparedness kit as a going away to college gift.
  • Going on a vacation someplace? Do a risk assessment of the vacation location so that you know of any special type of disaster gear you should be packing in your luggage.  Hint:  Don’t forget the Escape Hood if you are going to be staying in a high rise hotel.
  • What about an elderly family member or a family member with special needs that you are concerned about that lives in another part of the country? Do a risk assessment of their location; determine the basic essentials they should have on hand.  Talk to them and make sure they do have these basics, and if they don’t – get the basics for them and ship it over to them.  Why?  Because you are a good person.

One of the good things (note there are several) about the Practical Disaster Planning Solution Center is that we ship our products anywhere.  Just click on what you or the other person needs and tell us where you want it shipped during the checkout process.  Our vendors will handle everything for you.


Ok, so just click on the button below to get the Risk Assessment form and print it out.


Click Here for the Risk Assessment Form


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