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Welcome to the Solution Center.  The Solution Center is where you will find the products that you need to actually build your disaster preparedness kit.  Look at the Solution Center as a bridge that takes your Disaster Preparedness Plan from the “Planning Stage” where you learned about what you will need – to the actual “Building Stage” of your disaster kit.

Brain-Learning-OptimizedBrain-Working-OptimizedThe Knowledge Center:  Is where you learned about WHAT you will need and HOW much you will need in order to put together a tailored disaster preparedness plan designed specifically for you and your family.  The Learning and Planning Stages.

The Solution Center: Is where you go after you have graduated, or advanced, from what you have learned in the Knowledge Center.  Congratulations – now you need to apply what you learned.  This is the place you go to actually “Build and Assemble” your disaster preparedness kit.  This is the fun stage.

The Solution center is organized around, and designed to support, the “Essentials to Survival” section (found in the “Knowledge Center”) of the website.  These are the products that you will specifically need in order to survive.  Each category corresponds to one of the “10 Basic Essentials to Survival” that you learned about in the Knowledge Center. During a disaster situation – you want products that you can rely on, products that will work.  We researched and searched out only the best products for each of the categories.  We took the time to find the best products so that you don’t have to.

Remember the premise of this site:  “Your Time is Valuable – and We Will Not Waste It.”

Print out this checklist and it will help guide you through the products you will need to fill out your disaster preparedness kit.  Just check off each item and category as you complete it.  Then move to the next one. If you haven’t checked out the Knowledge Center, then we highly recommend that you do that prior to using this section.  That information will be very valuable when you are making your decisions in the Solution Center.

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Be Safe and Congratulations in making it to the actual “Building and Assembling Stage” of your Disaster Preparedness Kit.  Enjoy!

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Please Note:  Once you start preparing, you are going to realize that you will need certain things for your preparedness kit (items that you don’t already have). Once you realize that you need these things, please consider purchasing them in our Solution Center.  

Some of these products are affiliate products.  Meaning that we will earn a small commission on the items that you buy.  The prices that are in the Solution Center are exactly the same as if you buy them directly on your own. The vendors of the products pay the commission for these items – not you.  You don’t get charged anything extra – so in a round about way – the vendors are paying to keep this site a FREE site.  It’s a Win-Win-Win situation.  So, please consider our solution center for any of your purchases.

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