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What will we do with this information:  Very Simple.  We are all of a similar mind set.  We all just want to make sure that we will be able to protect ourselves and loved ones the best way we can.  We are a unique community that has much to offer each other.  From beginner to professional – we can all learn from each other.  The best way we can help each other is to communicate our opinions, suggestions and ideas.  We will then use your comments to make Practical Disaster Planning the best Disaster and Emergency Preparedness site in the world. Yes – it is that simple.


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#4)   Once you start preparing, you are going to realize that you will need certain things for your preparedness kit (items that you don’t already have). Once you realize that you need these things, please consider purchasing them in our Solution Center.  

Some of these products are affiliate products.  Meaning that we will earn a small commission on the items that you buy.  The prices that are in the Solution Center are exactly the same as if you buy them directly on your own. The vendors of the product pay the commission for these items – not you.  You don’t get charged anything extra – so in a roundabout way – the vendors are paying to keep this site a FREE site.  It’s a Win-Win-Win situation.  So, please consider our Solution Center for any of your purchases.

Please help us keep this site FREE – buy the products that you need form Practical Disaster Plannings Solution Center.  

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