Latest Climate Reports Point to Extreme Heat Waves in Our Near Future.  Do you know the Symptoms and Treatments for Heat Related Sicknesses?   Read the article below and you could just save a life.

“You might not consider a heat wave a natural disaster, but it most certainly is. Heat waves can cause mass casualties, as they did in Europe when 70,000 died of exposure (not in the Middle Ages, but in 2003). India, Pakistan, and other underdeveloped tropical countries experience thousands of heat-related deaths yearly. A pre-monsoon heat wave in April killed hundreds in the region. There are already several recorded deaths in the American West.”   June 21, 2016



Well, it’s that time of year again; “The Dog Days of Summer”.  But recently – it seems our summers are getting more hotter than in the past.


Correction:  It Doesn’t seem that way – it IS that way.


April 2016 Was 12th Consecutive Warmest Month on Record, NOAA Says.  May 18, 2016

New Report: Climate Change Major Threat to Human Health:  Meteorologist Danielle Banks reports that a new report on climate change says that increased temperatures could be responsible for 27,000 deaths in the U.S. by 2100. April 5, 2016


With climate changes and record high temperatures being reported across the world – it is extremely important  to recognize the various stages of Hyperthermia.  Simply putHyperthermia is when the body is overheating.  This can be a very dangerous and deadly medical condition for anybody – especially for children and the elderly.

Everybody should be able to recognize the symptoms of Hyperthermia and know how to treat it.   It’s not that difficult and you don’t need any fancy medical equipment to help someone suffering from Hyperthermia.  You just need to be observant, have some cool water, towels and know where to place them on the person, and you can provide some quick relief.  However, if the person is showing symptoms of Heat Stroke, then call 911 immediately for emergency medical assistance.

You ask, “What are the symptoms of heat stroke?”  Excellent question:  Continue reading and that will be answered below.

Dr. Joe Alton MD from “Doom and” has recently published a very good article pertaining to the body overheating during hot weather.  It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer: Heat Waves

In his article he discusses:

  • Exactly how does heat kill a person?
  • The different stages of Hyperthermia.
  • Symptoms of Hyperthermia. Both Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke.
  • Actions to take if somebody is showing symptoms of Hyperthermia.
  • What you can do help prevent Hyperthermia.

Click the Blue button below to read his article.  It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer: Heat WavesSide Note:  I have been following Dr. Alton and his wife Nurse Amy (an ARNP Nurse) for some time now and have even purchased their book: “The Survival Medicine Handbook: THE essential guide for when medical help is NOT on the way, which I keep in my Go Bag.  I have the 2nd edition – but the 3rd edition recently came out on June 7, 2016.   I’ve found him to be very knowledgeable and he teaches in an easy to understand manner so that non-medical professionals can follow along.  They have always been a good source of information  when it comes to medical and first aid advice.  This is an excellent medical and First Aid reference book to have in your library – better yet – put it in your Go Bag.  At 700 pages long – it covers almost every type of medical emergency that you can think of.


The Survival Medicine Handbook

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