Who is Practical Disaster Planning for?

Who is Practical Disaster Planning for?


Practical Disaster Planning was created for the individual who realizes that there are dangers in the world that can quickly and unexpectedly impact the safety of both themselves and their families.

While they realize they need to be prepared – they have limited time available to prepare.  They are busy trying to balance a hectic work schedule while still maintaining a functioning household and family.

To use this limited time most efficiently, we use a simple and practical 2-step method in our approach:

  • Know what you need in order to survive.
  • Get what you need to survive.

Focus is on identifying which types of disasters have the highest probability of impacting your location, what are the dangers associated with those disasters and what you need to do to protect yourself and family from those dangers.

While the information on our site can be used by anyone – our emphasis is on the unique requirements of those who live or work in urban or suburban settings.

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