Some people just don’t care about preparing for disasters.

There are millions of Americans who still have not taken any
steps towards preparing for the types of disaster(s) that can potentially
impact their locations, and their lives. 

Have you ever wondered why it is, that some us see the
importance of preparing – while others are not motivated what so ever to become

City Lab addresses this situation in their article: Why You Don’t Really Care about the Next Big One.”

Take a few moments to check out this article as it explains
the differences in the mental processing for various types of people when it
comes to disaster preparedness: Those who decide to prepare and those who do

Do you know what “Gamblers Fallacy” is and how it can have a dangerous impact on the way people evaluate various types of disaster?  Learn more about this psychological quirk that many people have – that has nothing to do with reality – but will be used it to justify their positions.  Click on the LINK to learn more.

Here is the link to the article:  LINK Here

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